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Leveraging Purchasing Power for Business & Community Impact

November 20, 2014 | Vancouver

Join us in Vancouver on November 20 for a new workshop to learn how sustainable, best value purchasing can enhance your business and help generate social, environmental and financial benefits.

Here's an opportunity to build a strong supply chain and boost customer and employee loyalty. Take away practical tools, scorecards and product guidelines to customize your own purchasing policies and practices.

Register soon — space is limited!

The workshop is hosted by the Strathcona Business Improvement Association, BuySmart Network, Ecotrust Canada, Light House Sustainable Building Centre and One Earth, with support from the Vancouver Foundation and Discovery Parks.

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Presentations & Tip Sheets

posted on 11:52 AM, January 26, 2011

Case Studies in Green Fleet Management

posted on 10:54 AM, January 13, 2011
Link: PPT

A 2009 presentation by the BuySmart Network highlighting trends in green fleet management as well as examples of organizations that have implemented strong fleet management programs.

Total Cost of Ownership

posted on 1:10 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2006 presentation on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) produced by the BuySmart Network on the concept of Total Cost of Ownership, how TCO is applied in the purchasing process, and an overview of a practical TCO tool.

The Fundamentals of Sustainability Purchasing

posted on 1:11 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2008 presentation produced by the BuySmart Network on key ways you can introduce or enhance sustainability purchasing in your organization, highlights of the business case for sustainability purchasing and how to minimize the costs of program development.

Integrating Sustainability Into Purchasing - Your Tendering Toolkit

posted on 1:12 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2008 presentation produced by the BuySmart Network on tools to integrate the organizational goals of achieving greater environmental and social performance from suppliers into the purchasing process.

Recommending a Strategy

posted on 1:13 PM, January 13, 2011
PDF: Link

A presentation by a member of the BuySmart Network, Victoria Wakefield, on how to integrate sustainability criteria into the procurement process.

Reducing Purchasing-Related Carbon Emissions

posted on 1:14 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2008 presentation by the BuySmart Network on methods to measure carbon emissions related to purchases and on purchasing techniques to reduce an organization's carbon footprint.

Social Purchasing

posted on 1:14 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2007 presentation by the BuySmart Network on social purchasing, in particular, procurement through social enterprises and Aboriginal or minority-owned businesses.

Fleets and Fuels

posted on 1:15 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2008 presentation by the BuySmart Network on purchasing more sustainable fleets and fuels, focusing on life cycle aspects, purchasing tools and case studies of innovative approaches.

Ten Tips Checklist for Introducing Sustainability Purchasing to Your Organization

posted on 1:16 PM, January 13, 2011
Link: PDF

A 2008 checklist for organizations starting or enhancing a Sustainability Purchasing Strategy produced by the BuySmart Network.

Top 10 Sustainability Shopping List

posted on 9:40 AM, April 19, 2011
Link: PDF

Take a look at 10 common expense areas for an organization — from office furniture, to lighting, to custodial services — and the opportunity in each area to choose more sustainable goods and services. These might not be most complex purchasing decisions you will ever face, but they have a significant impact. There is room for positive change, whether across a single organization or an entire sector.

Critical Success Factors for Sustainable Purchasing

posted on 12:48 PM, April 10, 2012

Link: PDF

Here's a 15-point checklist from Strandberg Consulting of success factors to help frame your sustainable purchasing program.

Sustainable Purchasing Metrics and Targets

posted on 12:52 PM, April 10, 2012

Link: PDF

In 2010 Strandberg Consulting surveyed 11 companies on their approach to measuring sustainability. Here is a wrap-up of the metrics and targets they used.

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