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December 3 | Vancouver

Buyer-Supplier Collaboration: A Key Strategy for Sustainable Purchasing

If you’re ready to take your organization’s program to the next level, you’ll want to look closely at an emerging strategy in sustainable purchasing — buyer-supplier collaboration — as a way to deliver economic, social, ethical and environmental benefits along your supply chain.

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Are you looking for ways to encourage more sustainable products and services in your organization? Start at the beginning, by asking “Why would we do this?” BuySmart offers two pivotal reports in this section that can help answer the “why” question and build the case for sustainability purchasing: Sustainability Purchasing Trends & Drivers and also the Business Case for Sustainability Purchasing.
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Program Vision

The vision of the BuySmart Network is for organizations in all sectors to recognize sustainable purchasing as smart purchasing and to make it integral to their operations.

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The BuySmart Network helps public, private and non-profit organizations learn how to purchase products and services that offer social, economic and environmental benefits and to create a sustainable purchasing strategy that supports their own goals.

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The work of the BuySmart Network is possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, along with the contributions of partners, advisors and a circle of participants. Find out more.

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BuySmart is a program of the Fraser Basin Council (FBC), a charitable non-profit society that advances sustainability in the Fraser River Basin, across BC, and beyond. Established in 1997, FBC brings people together from multiple sectors to learn about sustainability and find collaborative solutions to current issues.

For more on the BuySmart Network, contact , Director of External Relations and Corporate Development at the Fraser Basin Council.

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