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December 3 | Vancouver

Buyer-Supplier Collaboration: A Key Strategy for Sustainable Purchasing

If you’re ready to take your organization’s program to the next level, you’ll want to look closely at an emerging strategy in sustainable purchasing — buyer-supplier collaboration — as a way to deliver economic, social, ethical and environmental benefits along your supply chain.

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Case Studies in Sustainable Purchasing

2010 Olympic Games: A case study in sustainable purchasing (2010)

posted on 3:19 PM, January 12, 2011
Link: PDF

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games adopted a sustainability purchasing program to ensure its sustainability and Aboriginal participation commitments were taken into account during the acquisition and licensing of goods and services. The scope of the program extended to all of VANOC's procurement and sourcing activities for planning, hosting and staging the 2010 Winter Games. This 2010 case study reviews the history, successes and challenges of the VANOC purchasing program.

Catalyst Paper: A case study in eco-certified sourcing (2007)

posted on 3:22 PM, January 12, 2011
Link: PDF

Catalyst Paper is a leading producer of mechanical printing papers in North America. They also produce market kraft pulp. Catalyst have nearly 4,000 suppliers, spending approximately $1B annually on wood fibre, electricity, oil and natural gas, chemicals, machinery, transportation, and other necessities. Catalyst is the single largest purchaser of forest fibre in BC. Chain of custody management is very important to many of Catalyst's environmentally minded customers, to ensure that paper is certified from the source(s) stated. This 2007 case study reviews Catalyst Paper's program to certify the chain of custody of its wood fibre.

Concert Properties: A case study in social purchasing (2009)

posted on 3:19 PM, January 12, 2011
Link: PDF

Concert Properties is a diversified real estate company involved in developing and acquiring rental housing, commercial and industrial properties, condominium housing, seniors living communities, resort developments and hotels in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. The company has combined its interest in social and sustainable purchasing with its interest in supporting skills and trades training. This case study reviews Concert's support of Tradeworks Custom Products, a social enterprise that helps foster independence by providing job-related skills training, counselling and work opportunities to women in Vancouver’s inner city.

Hbc: A case study in ethical sourcing (2007)

posted on 3:21 PM, January 12, 2011
Link: PDF

Hbc is Canada’s largest diversified general merchandise retailer, with over 580 retail locations and nearly 70,000 employees. Hbc has 1,600 vendors, most of which are located in China, from which it currently sources its private label and captive brands. Hbc has an ethical sourcing program to ensure that vendors meet a code of conduct that includes the protection of human rights, compliance with environmental standards and other requirements. This 2007 case study reviews Hbc's ethical sourcing program.

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The vision of the BuySmart Network is for organizations in all sectors to recognize sustainable purchasing as smart purchasing and to make it integral to their operations.

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